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How To Save Fuel Driving

How To Save Fuel Driving
Do not blame entirely on the vehicle if your car is wasteful. Therefore, it could be your driving style is wrong.

Drive properly, greatly affects the efficiency of the vehicle. The same car, then drive two different people may spend different fuels. One extravagant, one economical.

Page Toyota, Thursday, June 16, 2011, wrote how good driving in order to reduce fuel consumption. Not just on the road, fuel economy has been started since before he left, that is checking the tires.

Toyota said it took more energy to roll the tire the less wind. This means more gasoline is burned. Be sure to keep wind pressure at the recommended level car maker. The habit of adding wind pressure every week to help maintain the condition of the tires.

Meanwhile, on the road, you have to do some things that do not need to frequently stop by the gas station.

1. Do not speeding on the road, especially on the highway.
The more immersed in the gas pedal, the more wasteful of fuel. Toyota, citing Consumer Reports magazine, said that fuel efficiency drops to 2.13 kilometers / liter, while the car was speeding 88 km / h and increased to 104 km / hour.

Likewise, when the speed is raised again to 120 km / h, the efficiency was also down 2.13 km / liter. The trial is using the Toyota Camry.

2. Do not be reckless. Try to ride with smooth acceleration.
Therefore, mengegas habit, then the brakes will suddenly make the fuel is wasted. This style of driving such a car could cut roaming capabilities between 0.85 to 1.28 km / liter. So, for every 10 liters of petrol, mileage lost between 8.5 km-12, 8 km. Not bad right?

3. Do not ruin the aerodynamics.
Excess baggage, then placed on the roof so routine every homecoming Lebaran scenery. In fact, these bad habits are very detrimental to fuel efficiency. The test results are found, the goods on the roof makes the efficiency drops to 2.55 km / h when driving at 100 km / hour.

4. Ignore the tools that can save fuel promoted significantly. Therefore, test results have yet to find one tool that can provide significant savings, unless your driving style. (Art)
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