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Some tricks and tips facebook

Some tricks and tips facebook

How to make a facebook link on the status TARGET

How to update the facebook status with images / smileys
please go to this link

How to send a message with a picture to the wall facebook friends
Below is how to send a message to the wall / wall friend with additional images:
This is the link to send a picture message. = {'media':[{' type': 'image', 'src': 'URL FIGURE YOU', ' href ':''}]}& target_id =

Links above do not have any spaces. You copy and paste it and bookmarks in your browser application.
Red writing YOU FIGURE URL like this example,
While ID FRIENDS YOU can be viewed by clicking on your friend's profile photo that will be targeted for delivery.
After you fill in everything, just click on the link deh has ye bookmarks page. So will the konekan to facebook feed. You just add a message. And publish. Done deh. Will display a message and your picture on the wall of a friend.
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How to make a tag name in fb via hp
You already know tagname function to mark the people in our state, and usually must be via computer by clicking the "@", but it turns out we can still make tagname via phone bro, how we only need to know the ID of our friends on fb. Seeing our friend id on my profile and see our friends in the url addressbar, the last digit is the id of our friends, for example, then the id of our friends are our friends id 1000005621 . We note the id and status updates to the page and then we type''@ [ID friend: 2048: Name of Friend]''without the quotes. good luck guys,

when you chat with your friends type in: Putnam:, it would appear emoticon funny faces, he said the hell was that Chris Putnam expert software facebook.

Make a comment on facebook become blue
type the following in your comment text and then replace your comment with your comments
@@[164:[100001666922718:2048:text your comment]]

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