Kamis, 19 Mei 2011

History emergence F.U.C.K word !!


A word (may)
very often my friend say
or friend to listen,
with connotations that little
ya he's history / origins
these words:
In Ancient England, people Could
not have sex without consent
from the King. When people
Want to have a child, They Had
to solicit a permission to the
monarchy, in turn They Would
supply a plaque to hang on Their
Pls door They Had sexual
relations. The plaque read
"Fornication Under Consent of
The King "(F.U.C.K) This is the
origin of the world.
"The Age of yore in the State
British citizens may engage tidahk
sexually without permission from the King.
When they want to have
children, they must file
permission to the kingdom.
After that the kingdom would
provide "Signs / Card"
to be hung on the door
pair during
they relate. Sign
it reads "The relationship
intimate was granted permission
of kings ", or in a language
they are written with
"Fornication Under Consent of
The King "(F.U.C.K), This is the origin
the word FUCK.
Count me only with respect
not intend to share
using abusive language.
source; imzers.org

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