Jumat, 06 Mei 2011

Installing unsigned applications on Symbian UIQ.3

For the netter who use mobile phones symbian platform UIQ.3 sometimes difficult to install applications that have not signed or even can not be installed. Considering the number of mobile phone applications that are spread in cyberspace a lot of unsigned then inevitably we have to accept it. Here I will give a little tutorial on how to install unsigned applications can be installed for both the mobile symbian UIQ.3.
First download the first equipment below:

If you've downloaded please install capswitch after it opened capswitch and Click on the button that switches on capswitch screen turned off. Then installserveractivator and complete. Minimize both earlier and current tools unsignedmu install the application, the result you can enjoy the unsigned application .. Tested on my UIQ.3 symbian phone (SE P1i)
1. First click the button switches on capswitch so on the screen will turn off

3. serveractivator last install, after it minimizes and install unsigned applications ..

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