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Few know Svchost.exe Process

Svchost.exe is a generic host process name for services that run from dynamic-link libraries (DLLs). We can see this svchost.exe in Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del) -> Processes Tab. There are a lot of svchost.exe in task manager, but sometimes we do not know exactly what the process is run by this svchost.exe.
Here's a little explanation from the newbie just as I am about what processes are running in svchost.exe. to see more details we can use the software Svchost viewer,
A program to see what all those svchost.exe are running. you can download in this link

Ever wondered what all those svchost.exe processes are running? Well here is an app
to tell you. It Gives You Some basic information like the Name and description.

- No installation required (this software is portable)
- Is That Only requirement you have. net installed (ver 2.0 or newer).
- Work in Windows XP (sp2) and Vista and Windows 7.
- coded in C #

In addition to using svchostviewer can also use the Command Prompt -> Windows logo + R -> cmd -> Enter
type tasklist / SVC. See column PID (Process Identifier). Tasklist displays a list of active processes.

Then we can check in Task Manager, see the PID column. If the PID column in task manager it still does not appear then select view -> select columns -> PID -> Ok.

It is also able to check if there are viruses that masquerade as svchost.exe.

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