Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

Dns Move quickly using DNS Jumper

Dns Move quickly using DNS Jumper

DNS stands for Domain Name Service, its main function is to translate the ip address of the computer with that address more humane. I have recently been difficult to change my dns in windows 7, but after sharing with friends and finally I got a great software, called DNS Jumper. DNS Jumper is a lightweight application for
change the DNS on your computer easily
and very fast. DNS also provides a Jumper
much like Google's DNS server list control,
Open DNS, Ultra DNS, Exatel, Century, Cisco,
Open Nic and many more. And Applications
Portable can be used without
installed on your computer.
DNS Jumper also provides features for
Response Time to check on each
each list of DNS servers that are available on application
, so that later you can choose
DNS servers what you think is most rapid.
And if you have a list of DNS itself
nothing in this application, you can also
enter it manually. You can download it here DNS Jumper 1.0.4

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