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Ciplukan and benefits

Ciplukan and benefits

Ciplukan is a native American plant that has spread throughout the tropical regions of the world. In Java ciplukan grows wild in the garden, fields, roadside, bush and forest edge. This plant grows in areas with an altitude of 1-1550 feet above sea level
Plants that are named latin Physallis peruvianna L is an efficacious herbal plants. Some diseases and health disorders can be treated by using plants ciplukan. Roots, leaves, fruit until the plant stem is nutritious for health.
Active compounds contained in ciplukan include saponins, flavonoids, polyphenols and fisalin. Composition of detail in some parts of the plant, among others, the seed contains protein, fat oils by principal component palmitic acid and stearic acid.
While ciplukan roots contain alkaloids. The leaves contain flavonoid glycosides (luteolin). All compounds were efficacious for health, if used carefully and appropriately.
Since long ciplukan actually been examined by experts from several countries.
Research is usually focused on the activities held ciplukan. But the results of these studies have not utilized the maximum due to many factors.
From the research that has been done in vitro and in vivo, obtained information as antihiperglikemi ciplukan have an activity, antibacterial, antiviral, immunostimulatory and immunosuppressive (immunomodulator), anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and cytotoxic.
Also ciplukan stems and leaves can be used in herbal medicine. As for treating ulcers and ulcer disease. To treat boils and ulcers just take ciplukan leaves 1 handful fresh and washed clean. Add 2 tablespoons of lime water. All the ingredients until finely ground. How to use it, potions affixed on the sick. Do it continuously until cured.
Plants that had been our only view of one eye turns out many benefits.

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